The Science Sutras

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With The Science Sutras webinars and workshops, learn how to make scientific evidence relevant for your life or your practice with the following learning objectives:   

  • identify biases, perceptions and beliefs

  • hone critical thinking skills

  • find and access relevant, peer-reviewed journal articles in your area of interest. 

  • learn to read a research paper and identify its component parts

  • critically appraise a randomized controlled trial

  • critically appraise a systematic review

  • learn statistics for the non-statistician

  • and much, much more!



Pam’s breadth of knowledge in the field of Research Literacy is wide and far reaching. She presented to our 300hr. Advanced Yoga Teacher Training students who found her approachable and on point. I particularly liked the examples she used from the field. As a practitioner of yoga she was able to bridge the gap between theory and practice. This allowed my students clear entry into a field they really knew nothing about. I would recommend Pamela to any program that is educating their students on how to work with special populations.
— Mark from Yama Collective
Pam’s workshop was such a gift. It provided me with the necessary tools to be a discerning consumer of research, which is so important in our modern, information-saturation world.
— Regina
Pam is very knowledgable and generously shared her knowledge in a thorough, humorous way that made the material accessible.
— Nathaniel
Pam was highly engaging and engaged; she’s obviously very adept at explaining technical information.
— Julia